Oct 23, 2009

Nice GViM toolbar icons for Windows

I've found nice GViM toolbar icons recently here, but didn't like the idea of patching .exe file.
So I've decided to make it in "ViM way".

It's not a secret that icons in ViM can be easily customized. Reading :help toolbar-icon gives clear path to using your own customized icons. So, I took the file from char101 blog post and converted it into a set of 16-bit BMP files using Paint.NET. Here's the result:

You can get those bitmaps here just unzip the archive to your system/user vimfiles folder.

Thanks to Mark James for great Silk icons
and to Char101 from http://charupload.wordpress.com/ for pointing me to those icons. 

UPDATE 30/05/2012: Icons are uploaded to GitHub. https://github.com/istepura/vim-toolbar-icons-silk

Mar 15, 2009

Feb 21, 2009

OpenCV in action on iPhone Simulator

I've made a short screencast for iPhone face detection application that uses OpenCV framework (see this post on how to build OpenCV for iPhone). Application is pretty basic, it uses OpenCV to find faces in given JPEG file and prints detection time. Hi-res version of screencast (in QuickTime format) is available on Mediafire

Feb 20, 2009

Universal i386/arm OpenCV framework for iPhone

I've managed to make working script to create universal OpenCV framework for i386/arm.
It's based on information from here and make_frameworks.sh script by Mark Asbach (here).
I've fixed linking errors that caused LambdaJive script to fail during ARM framework generation + fixed some issues I encountered using OpenCV framework on iPhone Simulator.